Restaurant City's New Items: Cupcake Roofs and a Huge Fishtank


You like cupcakes. I mean, really like cupcakes? If so then, you can deck our your place of business in Facebook game Restaurant City with a cupcake roof that looks good enough to eat.

Other new Restaurant City items begging for your hard-earned coin this week:

- Black Cloth Table for 1,200 Coins
- Water Fountain for 12,500 Coins
- Huge Fish Tank for 10,000 Coins
- Small Glass Window for 550 Coins
- Cupcake Roof for 5,500 Coins
- Giant Nest Roof for 8,000 Coins
- Basketball Shirt for 500 Coins
- Black Tux for 750 Coins

If you haven't played Restaurant City before, here's the lowdown. It's a free Facebook game where you start a restaurant, staff it with employees and then keep your customers coming back for more by offering fast service and good food. The happier the customers, the more coin you'll collect in your coffers, which can then be used to upgrade your restaurant and menu.