Get Rockin' with a Sweet, New Workspace

More people than ever are working from home offices. Yet, fewer apartments offer space designated as a home office. Take a few of these tips and create your own home office, almost instantly!

Determine Function
Do you need just a nook and cranny for a laptop as a place to pay bills? Or, do you need a table with ample work space? Think about the minimum space necessary to give you a proper, designated work space.

Determine Location
A second bedroom is ideal to turn into a home office. But, if you're not lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, consider the alternatives. Do you have a laundry room, hallway, closet, or other physical space you can repurpose? In a pinch you could even consider commandeering a kitchen cabinet or dresser drawer to store a laptop, pens, paper, and other desk necessities. The benefit here is that both are easily removed and quickly tucked away.

If possible, avoid the bedroom. Some say it's bad feng shui, and, most agree that a workspace in the bedroom will throw off what is supposed to be an area for rest and relaxation. If you must set up shop in a bedroom, consider visually separating your workspace with a bookshelf, screen, or curtain.

Determine Any Shopping Needs

Are you simply storing a laptop and accessories? Consider investing in the "eNook" or similar product. This folding shelf contains all your laptop and technology needs and neatly folds up.

Do you requiring a large work desk? Find a large desk inexpensively at a second-hand store or on Craigslist. Or, find a new one at any number of stores. Remember to place it where you can maximize its use.

Start Working!
Establish the "work area" of your apartment and get working! Remember to "close up" your office after hours and on the weekends. Aim for a separation of work and home space for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.
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