You Want to Use a Colander for What?

Even in the most lavish rental kitchens, space is often at a premium. Awkward cabinet setups and limited drawer space can lead to storage dilmmas of all sorts for cutlery, dishware, and especially gadgets.

Why, then, dedicate valuable kitchen real estate to little-used unitaskers? Think outside the box grater to make multitask gadgets out of some of your staple items.


Standard uses include rinsing vegetables and straining pasta. Give it a twist:
  • Line it with paper towels and set over a bowl in the fridge to drain fat-free yogurt for a delicious fat-free sour cream-ish topping.
  • Fill it with rinsed salad greens, then wrap a cloth napkin or tea towel over the top and through the handles. Shake over the sink, and get rid of your salad spinner!
  • Set it on a plate and store strawberries in the fridge. They'll last longer with the added air circulation.

Splatter Screen

If it seems like a classic unitasker, you're not trying hard enough:
  • Use it to strain pasta by applying it as a lid to your pasta pot and pouring into the sink. Hey, if it's already dirty from cooking your pasta sauce, why dirty up a colander too?
  • Sift powdered sugar onto desserts.
  • Set it over an empty bowl and use it as a cooling rack for baked goods.

Collapsible Steamer

Its small, fold-away size makes it a perfect candidate for multitasking:
  • Use it for any of the tasks that a colander can take on - it's a metal thingy with holes, right?
  • Use it as a grill basket for tasty grilled veggies.
  • Stash not-quite-ripe fruit in it and stow it on your kitchen counter.

You know how I loathe a unitasker. Let Party Girl show you how to make tasty frozen desserts without a space-hogging ice cream maker.
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