Mafia Wars Set to Conquer the Globe With Asia and Western U.S. Expansions


Mafia Wars players have known for some time that Zynga was planning on releasing a brand-new city, Moscow, for the Facebook/Myspace/iPhone social game. Like the Cuba release before it, Moscow will bring new missions, businesses and items -- those who played during preview weekends in August and early September even had a chance to grab some of the new loot items debuting with the expansion.

But it looks like Mafia Wars isn't stopping at just Moscow -- when we logged into our account today, we found two additional destinations under the 'Travel' menu: Asia and Western U.S.

We reached out to Zynga for comment on the previously unannounced cities, but did not hear back by the time of this posting. That said, we're wondering if Asia will take any cues from rival Facebook game, Yakuza Lords - set mostly in Asian cities.

Check back for more updates on all of the Mafia Wars expansions as you wait for your energy to replenish.