Free sample of Dandy-Lyon Bites snack


Looks aren't everything. Sometimes what is unappealing on the outside is very worthwhile on the inside. And so it is with Dandy-Lyon bites.

These are a new, raw food, high-protein, low calorie blend of fruits, nuts and vegetables that also contains enzymes to aid in digestion. The company that makes them claims that these snacks practically digest themselves.

Not too surprisingly, especially given such a claim, these little snacks aren't too appetizing in the looks department. We opted for a nice, pretty, generic picture of fruit instead. (See what they really look like here.)

But they're supposed to be great -tasting and great for you; a healthy alternative snack for your kids or a high-energy meal replacement for you. Brave enough to try one? Get a free sample of your own by filling out this short online order form.

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