Exclusive: Coupon Sherpa promises to make coupons reliable again


There's no shortage of coupon sites on the Internet, which makes standing out a difficult task ... and all that more impressive when a new competitor emerges.

WalletPop was able to score an exclusive interview with Luke Knowles, the founder of Coupon Sherpa and FreeShipping.org, to find out what he thinks will make Coupon Sherpa the number one source for coupons on the Internet.

WalletPop: Luke, thanks for your time. Can you tell me what makes Coupon Sherpa special?

Coupon Sherpa: We see some problems with online coupon websites and we wanted to create a coupon website so that it would help our iPhone app. So we thought, why don't we be the ultimate coupon website that's missing right now.

"The biggest problem with coupon websites is that a lot of times you go to coupon sites and the coupons just don't work. You know, they don't work or they're expired and the sites just leave them up there so there's not a whole lot of quality control.