Puzzled About Shelving? Try These Tetris-Inspired Shelves

Small spaces demand creative thinking when it comes to storage. If you're twisting and turning your apartment-storage space over in your mind, why not have a little fun?

Enter the shelving that looks and functions similarly to the classic video game Tetris.

(Without the collapsing element of the game, of course....)
Brooklyn's Brave Space Design offers geometric-shaped shelving that connects to another piece on at least one side. This modular, lightweight shelving comes with 10 separate blocks and colored metal backing. Choose from white or natural Finland plywood and white or multi-color backings. All are made from stain-resistant steel and connect using linkable backing strips.

Download a printable tetrad designer (pdf) to start playing with the space you have available. You can order the entire set of ten blocks for $1,315 or purchase by the block to make your own design.

Find out more at Brave Space Design.
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