How to Evaluate Your Environmental Footprint

Don't have a baseline measurement, how can you improve your environmental footprint? The good news for apartment dwellers is that they're already using less energy than the average homeowner. Still, there's always room for improvement.

Here's how to measure.
First, take a few minutes to measure your results using the Earth Day Network'sFootprint Calculator. You can take a quick version that asks just a few key lifestyle questions, or, spend a little more time and answer more in-depth. The interactive calculator is more like a game than a punch-the-numbers calculator.

Next, review the results. If you selected the U.S. version of the calculator you'll discover how many planets would be necessary to support your lifestyle if everyone else lived the same way as you. It also breaks down how many acres are necessary to support your lifestyle and how your footprint breaks down by category.

Finally, think about some actions you can take and then take them! For example, if you're a meat eater, choose to have one vegetarian meal a week. If you're vegetarian, choose one vegan meal a week. Or, focus your attention on other choices that have serious environmental implications. Our Apartment Earth column here on RentedSpaces will explore the many ways that you can make a serious contribution toward healthier, more sustainable living.
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