Essential iPhone Apps for Renters

iPhone users, rejoice. Now there are even more apps available for the savvy renter. Here are a handful, all available for download at the iTunes App store.

Craigsphone (Free)
Browse Craigslist apartment listings using your iPhone.

Home Sizer ($2.99)
This app allows you quickly and accurately measure livable square footage. Now you can immediately know if that sofa you're spying will fit next to your bookshelf. This app is also handy if you own your apartment and are planning on extensive renovation, such as combining two apartments or removing interior walls. Use it to calculate your return on investment.

Imeem (Free)
Let this music app puts together a playlist for your next party. It can put together a playlist of the latest releases so you're always on top of the music scene.

Remote (Free)
Use your iPhone as a television or stereo remote. It works seamlessly with your Wi-Fi network. However, it only works with Apple TV.

RentedSpaces (coming soon)
Find all the information you find here about renting, all on your iPhone.

Weatherbug (Free)
Should you wear your rain boots or bring an umbrella? Find out and save yourself some hassle.

For absolute iPhone devotees: live inside your iPhone. Well, almost. An apartment building in Dubai is billing itself as the most technologically advanced... even down to the iPhone-like shape of the building. Residents can download custom "iArt" for the walls, among other things. It's slated to open in late 2009 (via Cult of Mac).
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