Steal this Idea! Tin Can Flower Pots

Walking around Brooklyn on a recent Saturday, I stumbled on a sweet and simple flower shop named Stem. It's that kind of shop neighbors must wander in for a bundle of flowers and a chat. Not too commercialized, but highly stylized. Wish I lived down the block.

I loved all the details: the homemade sign in the window; the single-flower bundles on the table inside to choose from; the etched 1940s mirror inside; the way the owner wraps flowers in twine and brown paper. It's all so perfect. But what pulled me in from off the street were the tin-can pots.
Such a cheap and clever way to grow herbs on your kitchen window sill. I've always admired a great tin can. Really. Recently, I even bought that Cuban espresso, Cafe Bustalo, just for the iconic yellow-and-red can. But I've never been able to justify keeping the cans until now.

The Take Home: These would also make great centerpieces on an outdoor table. Or, punch holes in them and put a candle inside for some mood lighting. And hey, it's good for the environment, too.

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