AfterShark: Jonathan Miller -- bests the Sharks at their own game


Today's AfterShark interview is a goodie: It's Jonathan Miller, the 29-year-old guy who did what few others have done on ABC's Shark Tank: He rebuffed lopsided offers and not only lived to tell the tale, but he also got the Sharks to show their weakness and come crawling back with more equitable deals. In the end, he walked away with all the money he wanted, plus royalties, and unlike so many entrepreneurs who went before him, he kept control of his company, Element Bars.

As it turns out, that wasn't the whole story. In his Skype chat with Jason Cochran, Miller tells us what we didn't see on TV, including the training that taught him just how to bait the Sharks as effortlessly as he did and the pivotal effect of a last-ditch on-set phone call that didn't make the broadcast.

Miller also reveals something else about what business owners have to agree to if they want to appear on Shark Tank.

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