What's the Perfect Dog for My Apartment?

How much is that doggie in the window?

Before you start asking price, here are some tips to help you choose the best dog for apartment living. A lot of people make bad decisions; that's why there are millions of dogs in shelters.

Here are some guidelines to help you make the right dog for your lifestyle.

If you want a full-blood breed, do your research. A small puppy today can quickly grow into a large dog that needs plenty of space. In addition to space requirements large dogs require more food and exercise. In an apartment it's best to choose a breed that stays small.

Great Pyrenees, for example, are lovely dogs unsuited for apartment living because they're bred to guard livestock.

It's a wonderful thing to adopt a mutt from your local SPCA, but it can be more difficult to determine a mutt's combination of breeds and therefore her ultimate size. Be sure to ask the volunteer at the shelter for more information or choose your dog in part by the breed(s) you can identify. Or, select an older, fully-grown dog.

Dogs can seriously misbehave in your apartment if they are cramped and craving exercise. Some apartment dwellers have discovered entire sofas ripped apart due to a very unhappy dog. This is not the dog's fault. A commitment to a daily run/walk is a must and will greatly impact your dog's overall temperament.

Some breeds are more excitable and demand greater amounts of physical exercise. Adult dogs are usually less excitable than puppies. For greatest happiness in an apartment dog training is a good idea, too.

Do you have small children or plans to start a family? Consider carefully if a dog is good choice. Many new parents choose to abandon their dog once a baby arrives. This is a difficult choice for owners and emotionally challenging for a deserted dog.

Your Lifestyle

Are you looking for a running partner, or a pet with which to curl up and watch television? Do you plan to be away from your apartment for regularly scheduled meals? Be honest with yourself before you choose a dog. Maybe you need a cat instead.

Your perfect pet is out there. Just choose carefully. A pet requires love and commitment for their entire lifetime!
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