NextWorth offers 20% bonus for gadgets replaced by new iPods

Yesterday Apple announced an update to its popular iPod mp3 players, including major upgrades to the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano. The iPod Touch received a speed boost, which gives it more gaming power and puts it in direct competition with gaming devices like the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.

The new iPod Nano also saw a big upgrade, including the addition of a video camera, which Apple boasted would replace your need for a Flip camcorder.

If you think the new iPods will replace one of the gadgets you own, you can sell it to NextWorth, and for a limited time NextWorth will pay you an extra 20%!

In an effort to make it easier for you to afford a new iPod Touch or iPod Nano, NextWorth will be giving an extra 20% cash bonus to the first 200 people to trade in a Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP. It is also offering the same 20% bonus on the first 200 Flip Ultra or Mino camcorders traded in.

While the prices vary based on the condition of your device and specific model numbers, you can expect prices in the following ranges for like new items:
  • $40 for your Nintendo DS
  • $35 to $70 for a Sony PSP
  • $40 to $80 for a Flip camcorder
If you happen to have an old iPod to trade in too, it's possible to pick up the $149 Nano or the $199 iPod Touch with little out of pocket cost.

These prices are less than what you'll find on eBay, but you don't have to pay any seller fees, wait a week for your auction to end or deal with the hassles that can come from getting a bad buyer on eBay. It's up to you if the price difference is worth the benefits of using NextWorth, but when I used Gazelle, another gadget recycler, last year I was more than happy with the value that was provided for the lower price.

NextWorth also buys all kinds of gadgets, ranging from cell phones and video game consoles to cameras, laptops and GPS units. You can quickly find out what they are willing to pay you by searching for an item from the NextWorth homepage and answering a few questions. Since prices fluctuate daily, you should be sure to check out NextWorth, Gazelle and eBay before you trade, to make sure you're getting the best deal. Keep in mind that if you are a military member you'll always get a 10% bonus at NextWorth and if you opt for a Target card for payment, you get an extra $5 -- but these offers don't combine with the current 20% bonus.
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