High School Geek, Jock or Class Clown?


Looking back on high school, some peoples' memories are fonder than others. Unfortunately for many teenagers, in the young, harsh minds of high schoolers, you're nothing without your social status.

Consider the stereotypes.

For example, if you were a popular cheerleader who was friends with everyone or a jock who captained every sporting team in school, your memories of those four years are probably glittered with parties, dates and crowns from school dances. But, take the geek who kept to himself, except when helping others do their homework, or a self-proclaimed "teacher's pet," who spent her days helping teachers grade papers, and their memories are better aligned with being stuffed in lockers or having their heads dunked in a toilet. Luckily for most of us, any reputation that existed in high school was left in the dust when we went to college. (Or so we thought.) Little did we know that X number of years later our high school status would affect our chosen careers.