Announcing the AOL GameShow Podcast!

Announcing the AOL GameShow Podcast!

What's the AOL GameShow Podcast?

It's the best idea we've had since the last best idea we had.

Hosts Libe Goad, Laurent Courtines and Robin Yang are joined weekly by an ever-rotating cast of games industry friends/cohorts to talk about video/casual/social games -- we'll do a quick run-down of the week's big news and hit a few interesting discussion points.

You should also expect such recurring segments as Spanish Word of the Day (where we translate popular gaming terminology into Spanish) and What You Should Be Playing This Week Or Else You're A Big Dum-Dum (this one's pretty self-explanatory).

Awesome! How do I watch/listen to this show?

We're so glad you asked! We'll be posting each episode (video and audio) on this, the blog, every week as it debuts. But there are also multiple ways to subscribe to the show so you never miss an episode!

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Hey, I've got a great idea/shoutout/question for your show!

We'd love to hear it! You can email us at, or you can send us a reply on Twitter! Just include "@AOLGameShow" in your update and we'll be able to see it on our super computer controller panel screen. :)