Where to Source Recycled Materials for Gorgeous Apartment Decor

Almost anything can be re-purposed and become part of your decor. To expand your selection you might immediately think of thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales and online sites. But these are just the beginning!

Here are more places to dig up treasures to tear apart, rebuild or simply reuse in your apartment.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores
Divert construction materials and home fixtures from the landfill, and support a worthy cause of building homes for people for those who need them. ReStores have a rotating selection of construction and renovation materials. Literally, even the kitchen sink! Find one near you.

Architectural Salvage
Check the Internet to see what salvage stores are nearby. Architectural salvage can finds bits-n-bobs ranging from distressed columns to windows to shutters. Unique items and parts are frequently found.

Your Neighbor's Trash
New York City is famous for its delicious array of discarded items, but your neighborhood can be a treasure trove, too. While in the city, my husband and I salvaged two apartments worth of second-hand, funky furniture. Recently, I discovered an old Victrola cabinet. You never know what you'll find until you look ... good luck!

For other eco-friendly living ideas, read Apartment Earth.
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