Media World: That infamous Jaycee sports column isn't just stupid, it's wrong


Poor Jaycee Dugard. First, she gets kidnapped and raped at age 11 by a deranged sex offender, Philip Garrido (pictured), who fathers two daughters by her while she's still a little girl herself. Then some clown at The Orange County Register tries to mine her experience for a column about all the sports milestones she's missed out on for the past 18 years.

Columnist Mark Whicker enraged his readers with "Many odd things have happened in sports the past 18 years," a column that attempted to "educate" Dugard about what she's missed since her 1991 abduction. I won't rehash the details of the column, which have been recounted in horror across the blogosphere, but his clever kicker sums up his poor taste: "Congratulations, Jaycee. You left the yard."

Whicker's column should never have seen the light of day, not only because it's tasteless, but because its entire stupid premise is factually incorrect. Honestly, any editorial intern with a semester in J-school under his or her belt should have caught Whicker's whopper. So should an editor -- if the paper still employs one.