Know when to go with!

We've all been there; sitting in a crowded theater watching a great movie and bam, you gotta go (gotta go, gotta go right now), but as luck would have it your watching a movie of epic length like Transformers 2 or the Watchmen and you don't want to miss an important scene. How do you know when to go?

That problem hit Dan Florio when he was watching the King Kong remake and ended up robbing him of an enjoyable ending. He told WalletPop, "Afterward I thought about that scene with the big huge bugs and thought, 'If I had just run and peed during that scene...' A week later I bought the domain and then got around to building the app last year."

The rest, they say, is history. Thanks to and its iPhone application, you'll never miss an important plot point or big fight scene again.

So how does RunPee know when it's safe to go? A team of dedicated movie watchers heads out every Friday to watch new releases, but they aren't there for a relaxing experience. Instead, Dan and his family members spend their Fridays in the corner of a theater with an iPhone for timing and a pen and notepad to search for the perfect time to pee. You can read the RunPee blog if you want to learn more about how the perfect PeeTime is found.

If you want to start using so that you, "won't waste your theater ticket money by leaving at inopportune moments", I suggest you start by reading the How to Use PeeTimes post, which will prime you for an accident-free movie experience.

While you can use the website to find the perfect bathroom breaks in your next movie, the iPhone app takes the RunPee process to a whole 'nother level. The $1.99 iPhone application will time the movie so that you'll know when to take a bathroom break without missing out on key details and the app tells you what you missed while you were gone. The next version, which is due very soon, will even vibrate to let you know when you should make a break for it so you don't have to check your phone every few minutes.

If you don't have an iPhone don't worry. The team is reportedly, "hard at work to bring the app to Blackberry, Nokia, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile and Android devices." The Android app, which is in Beta right now, is expected to be available within a week.

The RunPee app is really cool, but as of right now it won't help you out on opening night since the creator might be sitting in the theater with you trying to find the best times to go to the restroom or grab a refill on your jumbo popcorn. Soon they hope to have access to cinema screeners so you'll be set on opening night as well.

Another bonus that comes with using is that you'll never be left wondering if you should wait for the credits to end for hidden footage since the app will also tell you if there's anything funny, sexy or otherwise worth watching at the conclusion of the credits.

So if you find yourself watching a great movie and you're in need of a bathroom break but don't want to miss an important scene, don't worry; there's an app for that.
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