Doctors and Nurses Suspended for Playing Facebook 'Lying Down Game'


Trying to get fired? Here's another brilliant idea brought to you by the good doctors and nurses at Great Western Hospital in the U.K. According to the, seven doctors and nurses were suspended after bosses caught them posting photographs of themselves on the Internet lying down on resuscitation tables, ward floors and a heli-pad.

The group, from the hospital's A & E department and Acute Assessment Unit, had been working a night shift and posted photographs of the stunt on Facebook.

Hospital bosses were alerted to the prank by a whistle blower and the medics may now face the sack after being suspended on full pay.

Why would doctors and nurses do such a thing, you ask?

Simple, it's an internet craze. They were playing 'The Lying Down Game.'

Created by Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon, contestants playing 'The Lying Down Game' must lie face down with the palms of their hands against their sides and the tips of their toes pointing at the ground.

The international craze swept the internet earlier this year with 'players' competing to take photographs of one another in unusual locations.

Back at the hospital, a source who refused to be named, described the suspensions as a "nightmare" for those involved.

The source said: "It's a right mess. It's been a nightmare week for them. The person who started it is really worried. It reflects badly on the department.

"It's all very hushed up at the hospital and some may lose their jobs. It's a worldwide game so I heard.

"It was just some nurses and doctors on nights having fun, but photos got onto Facebook and management found out.

"Someone in the department leaked the group, but no-one knows who. Health and safety and infection control issues have all been broken.

Seven of the group, which included doctors and nurses, have been suspended on full pay and will now face formal disciplinary hearings.

The 'Secret Swindon Emergency Department Group', where the images were on show, has been removed by Facebook.

A spokesman for GWH refused to rule out sackings and said: "The disciplinary hearings are yet to take place and we cannot predict the outcome." Dr Alf Troughton, medical director for Great Western Hospital NHS Trust, confirmed the suspensions but denied that patient care was affected.

"The allegations have been thoroughly investigated and seven members of staff remain suspended pending formal disciplinary hearings."

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