Black Friday 2009 predictions are in! What's on sale?

black friday 2009 dealsIt's that time of year, ladies and gentlemen! Time to crack open your budgeting software or look at your Christmas Club account and figure out how much money you are going to spend on Black Friday!

Sure it's just a few days past Labor Day, but that doesn't mean we don't have some juicy Black Friday deal predictions for you. After all, the most famous shopping day of the year is only two months away.

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To find out what's hot this year, Walletpop again sequestered Dan de Grandpre, CEO and chief deal guy of, to ask our burning bargain questions and find out what predictions he has for Black Friday 2009.

I'll warn you there are some hard-to-believe deals in this roundup, but last year Dan and the team scored 82% accuracy on their Black Friday 2008 predictions, so they know what they're talking about.

Before we get to the specific deals, we wanted to let you know more about how Dan sees Black Friday 2009 playing out and what to expect on November 27.

WalletPop reporter Laura Heller recently wrote a post about the affect of declining inventory and imports, specifically that it could mean fewer deep discounts this holiday season. Will this lack of imports have an effect on Black Friday?

According to de Grandpre, this news shouldn't affect Black Friday since it's more about the whole season. He explained, "Black Friday is about ridiculous deals to get people in the door. Retailers have spent the whole year lining up deals from manufacturers, some made specifically for Black Friday, so you'll still see doorbusters." But that doesn't mean this information isn't spot on. Dan warned that declining inventory and imports will affect the apparel deals this year. Specifically he warned that, "You won't see Macy's stocked up like you did last year two days before Christmas; expect less discounting and fewer sales."

Q: Last year you predicted the increase of small stores and websites entering the Black Friday ruckus. Do you see any additional segments jumping on board this year? Service industries? Hotels?

A: "You will see travel deals this Black Friday. It will get a lot of play this season as more industries glom onto the magic of Black Friday. Specifically look for Black Friday Promotions on hotels, airlines and travel deals such as vacation packages such as Southwest Vacations."

Q: If you had to choose one category or one item to stand in line for (no internet shopping), which of your predictions would be good enough to risk frostbite for?

A: To stand outside, it's gotta be the most expensive item with the biggest difference between prices. It's gotta be a 52" or larger TV with hundreds of dollars in savings.

Now what you've been waiting for: The 2009 Black Friday Predictions! Below you'll find a small sampling of the predictions that the team has come up with, ranging from computers and HDTV's, to high-end clothing and -- yes -- even Apple product, like the Macbook or iPhone accessories. For a full rundown on each category, follow the link to

Laptops and PCs:
  • Netbook with 9" screen, SSD, Linux for $129
  • Well-equipped 15.4" Intel Core 2 Duo Laptop with 4GB RAM for $399
Home Theater:
  • Blu-ray player for $49
  • 46"-47" 1080p LCD HDTV, 120Hz or 240Hz for $899
  • 50" 1080p plasma HDTV for $899
  • Make sure you read the predictions to find out when's the best time to buy an HDTV. Hint it's not Black Friday, but it's close!
Monitors Macs and more:
  • iMac and MacBook computers for 5% to 10% off
  • 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive for $49
  • Name-brand 24" LCD Monitor for $145
GPS, Digital Picture Frames, Digital Camcorders and video games:
  • Nintendo Wii Game Console for $199
  • 8"-9" digital picture frame for $30
  • entry-level Garmin or TomTom GPS units for $69
The Kitchen Sink:
  • Free Shipping deals
  • Big discounts at clothing stores like Ralph Lauren and American Eagle
  • PayPal discounts
  • After Black Friday discounts at high-end retailers like Gucci.
Don't forget, even though Black Friday is just one day, starting last year retailers began offering discounts a week and a half early, which continued right into Cyber Monday. So stay alert if you want to get the best deals.

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