Bangladesh saves power by cutting ties

fanHaving a tie strapped around your neck at work is enough to make anyone hot under the collar, and the smart leaders of Bangladesh are doing their part to make workers' lives a little more comfortable.

In an effort to cut down on air conditioning use while still keeping workers cool, public servants have been ordered to ditch suits and ties for short-sleeved shirts, according to an AFP news story.

The idea by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the power-starved nation was raised at a cabinet meeting last month when she asked her colleagues to set an example.
"She told us to avoid suits and ties on hot days and to wear plain, simple shirts," communications minister Syed Abul Hossain told AFP.

"The prime minister pointed out that air conditioning is a luxury and if we wear the lighter clothing we will need to use the AC less. I've already noticed top public servants are no longer wearing suits and ties," he said.

Air conditioning uses way more power than any other form of cooling. Check out this electric usage calculator to see how much energy costs in your home.

A 2.5 ton central air-conditioning unit running 24 hours a day costs $312 a month at the 12 cents national average for a kilowatt, versus $8.88 a month for using a floor fan 24 hours a day.

I don't know what a kilowatt costs in Bangladesh, but severe power outages are common there due to high demand from its 144 million people.

Perhaps a few floor fans to go with tieless work days will make the hottest days of the year a little easier to deal with.
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