10 Passengers We Love to Hate

Our friends at Gadling compiled a list of the ten most annoying airline passengers. Some bloggers can't stand upgrade panderers, others, aggressive seat recliners.

Truth of the matter is, everyone has cranky days when it seems like the entire travel world is conspiring against you, from the guy standing on the wrong side of the escalator to the weather delays all over the east coast.

10 Passengers We Love to Hate

Our friends at Gadling compiled a list of the ten most annoying airline passengers. Some bloggers can't stand upgrade panderers, others, aggressive seat recliners.

Truth of the matter is, everyone has cranky days when it seems like the entire travel world is conspiring against you, from the guy standing on the wrong side of the escalator to the weather delays all over the east coast.

Travel has a way of throwing curve balls at you, forcing you to change your plan, roll with the punches and venture into the unknown. Maybe that's why some of us love it so much, and why dealing with crazy passengers is part of the fun. Next time you're on the road, keep an eye out for Gadling's 10 passengers that we love to hate and maybe before you lose your cool, give them a wink for us.

10 Passengers We Love to Hate

You know the signs all over the airport, posted on the wall, painted on the floor and hung on the ceiling saying "Stand Right Walk Left?" That's called escalator etiquette. People not in a hurry stand on the right side of the escalator so that those who need to get past can walk up or down the left side.

It's a pretty simple concept. The Japanese do it fastidiously, silently merging to the right side of moving walkways as they patiently commute through Shinjuku station. It's almost amazing to watch the accuracy and precision with which it's executed.

10 Passengers We Love to Hate

Today's annoying passenger is a tough one-I'd love to hate them more, but their annoying behavior is not entirely their fault.

Still, passengers who think it is cool to bring a huge bag of warm food on the plane are high on my list of airplane pet peeves.

Sure, they are probably hungry, and they need to bring their own food, as the airline won't be feeding anyone. But many of these passengers bring really smelly food.

I've sat next to someone on a 6am flight who thought it would be fine to bring a massive breakfast platter on board. He had the works - eggs, bacon, sausages, hashbrowns and breads. The whole plane smelled of his breakfast, and many of the passengers were clearly annoyed.

Is it that hard to find a less smelly snack that early in the morning? International flights are worse, especially when the airport sells a large variety of really smelly foods. Next time you are waiting in line to order a meal for your flight, first check your watch to see if you have enough time to eat before you board, if not, then order something that is least likely to annoy your fellow passengers. If that is not an option, then you'd better have enough cash to order food for the entire plane.

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10 Passengers We Love to Hate

We already covered & passengers who won't move to the right on the escalator, and those who bring hot, smelly foods on to the plane. But my personal (non)favorite is those folks who press their shins right up the baggage claim conveyor belt, in the hopes that it might help them spot/claim/get to their bags faster.

People! At the Anchorage airport, there is a bright yellow line painted all the way around and about a foot and a half away from the baggage claim belt. This line is for you: it quite clearly indicates that you should remain at least that far away, so that other people can see and grab their bags.

The last thing I feel like doing after being crammed into a germy metal tube for however many hours is bump shoulders with and act polite to folks crowding around the luggage carousel. When you stand right up against it, not only do I have to crane my neck and hop up and down like a deranged cheerleader in order to spot my luggage, I also have to wade through you and others like you to try to get it. If everyone would just mind the yellow line, then every single person would be able to spot their luggage and not have to "accidentally" bump into those who hover like vultures.

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10 Passengers We Love to Hate

love America, and Americans. As someone who's spent a lot of time abroad, I can say with conviction that we are some of the warmest, friendliest, most determined and able people out there. Sometimes, we're even smart, savvy, funny, fashionable, interesting, all kinds of positive things - but some of us? Are idiots.

What I detest more than anything when traveling in a foreign country is the American Idiots - many thanks to Green Day for the moniker.

You know these people. They're often obnoxious in America, too. They're the ones that are too loud in the bar, or the ones who tell slightly offensive jokes in mixed company and laugh their heads off, and the ones who demand preferential treatment wherever they go. These problems are exacerbated the second they cross the border.

There are several types of American Idiots you may encounter at the airport. The first kind is American tour groups. They travel in packs - often wearing matching brightly colored shirts. American tour groups are really, really excellent at mass-oblivion moves like blocking the entrance to the baggage claim, blocking the restroom, and taking over the entire restroom, including with their bags all over the counters as they wait for the rest of their group. The worst part, in my opinion, is their tendency to make loud remarks to each other across the waiting area, and, eventually, across the plane, as though they were the only ones there. Sometimes they have entire conversations, or throw out something blue to embarrass one of their co-idiots (I'm looking at you, school groups). It's as though the minute they enter a foreign country, it becomes them-and-the-locals, and there's no need to pay the locals any notice. Who knows if they even speak English, right?

Well, they probably do. And there are almost always other Americans around, especially in the kind of destinations that tour groups hit. Stop making Americans look bad, tour groups. Have a little self-awareness and humble respect.

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10 Passengers We Love to Hate

We don't mean to hate 'em but we do. The moment of truth is when you find your seat and pray that a child will not be sitting next to, in front or back of, or even close to you. Children just don't make good neighbors on an airplane. On a playground, maybe, but not when you've purchased a seat and five hours of flying time for $200.

Take my nephew, for instance. When his mouth is closed, he really is the most adorable little human: soft baby skin, big innocent eyes. But once his breath quickens and he makes even the slightest peep, he's handed off to my sister like a football on 4th down.

There's something about adjusting to the cabin air pressure that, well, turns these little cuties very ugly. Their skin turns pink, their eyes close and wrinkle, and then the mouth gapes open and the shrillest human sound escapes.

The child is inconsolable. And the parent? Well, there's really nothing s/he can do about it except bounce the child on her lap and pray the crying will stop - and soon.

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10 Passengers We Love to Hate

Today's annoying passenger is a relatively new phenomenon, and has been slowly going from bad to worse in recent years.

I'm of course talking about people who never learned basic phone etiquette.

As a geek, I should be more immune to these annoyances, but there is something about the loud Bluetooth headset wearing passenger that makes me want to punch them in the face.

For some unknown reason, as soon as some people clip their headset to their head, they turn into really annoying people. Even people who are normally quite quiet think the airport is the perfect place to make random loud calls to people they'd normally not talk to.

I have a theory about it - these people think that talking on the phone at the airport makes them look important. They see "real" business travelers around them, and have the urge to try and blend in and look impressive.

Well, I have news for you - if you walk through the airport wearing your headset and talking loud enough for the entire terminal to hear you - you are a dork.

10 Passengers We Love to Hate

This entry in our lineup is about passengers who think the attendant call button is a butler call bell. For some reason, almost every flight has one of these jackasses on board.

"10 minutes into the flight, you'll hear the first ding," says Heather Poole, Gadling's airline attendant blogger. "Now, I'm not against using the call button for an emergency, or if you are in dire need of a drink to help take some medication, but the call button is not there to assist you in making a drink order before the attendant starts the drink service. It is also not there if you want to know how long it is till the plane lands."

"Also, on many flights, there are always people who can't see the difference between white and orange buttons, and keep pressing the call button thinking it'll turn their little light on - unless you are severely color blind there is no valid reason to hit the wrong button. "

"So, unless you are unable to walk, just get out of your seat and walk up to the galley for whatever it is you need. It'll help stretch your legs (and prevent DVT at the same time). Bottom line - the flight attendant is not your butler, and they have another 100 passengers to deal with. "

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10 Passengers We Love to Hate

Today's pick is the enthusiastic proselytizer who desperately wants to convert you to his or her religion. Far more than merely wasting the flight attendant's time or hogging the baggage claim area, this brand of annoying passenger will question your morality, insist you are going to Hell (pictured here) and proudly proclaim they have all the answers.

Now let me just say that I feel everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Freedom of religion is a basic foundation of any decent society, but that also includes freedom from religion. You don't know me, you don't know what I believe, and you don't have the right to harass me for an entire flight trying to convince me to change to your way of thinking.

I seemed plagued by this sort of passenger. At least once a year I'm stuck next to one of them, usually on a long international flight. Once I had an entire high school group of evangelicals who tag team preached to me all the way from the U.S. to Bulgaria.

My religious friends joke that maybe God is trying to tell me something. The problem with that theory is that these annoying fellow passengers come from all different religions. Maybe God is trying to tell me not to listen to people who claim to know what He wants.

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10 Passengers We Love to Hate

Dear passenger in front of me - I appreciate that you've taken the captain's suggestion to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight." I'm trying to do the same thing myself. Heck, we're stuck in this metal tube together with nothing to do but sleep and watch movies for the next several hours. But I gotta be honest - you're getting just a bit too aggressive with your seat recline.

Sure, I can appreciate that seat recline button is there for a reason. By all means, use it to get comfortable. But you're reclining that thing like you're competing for a medal in the X-Games. Was it really necessary to recline your seat back BEFORE we even took off? The flight attendant even asked you to bring it upright for takeoff and landing, but you went and put it immediately back down again. Is that even safe? It's not like this coach seat reclines into a bed and we're busting out our pajamas.

It's a tight space to begin with - cut the rest of us some slack and ask me before you recline that La-Z Boy like it was nobody's business.

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10 Passengers We Love to Hate

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