Tom Selleck wins $187k in lame horse dispute

A California jury has awarded Magnum P.I. star Tom Selleck $187,000 after he was duped into buying a lame horse.

Seller Dolores Cuenca was accused of selling Selleck a horse named Zorro with a medical condition without disclosing its history. Selleck paid $120,00 for the horse, which was intended for his 20-year old daughter to ride in competitions but the horse's medical condition made that impossible. The defense argued that Selleck should have checked the medical records himself, but the jury disagreed. The $187,000 award covers the cost of the horse plus boarding costs. A second trial will be held next week to determine punitive damages -- it is not known how much Mr. Selleck is seeking.

There is no word yet on whether Mr. Selleck will be offering refunds on all the lame movies people were duped into buying tickets for -- Perhaps Tom Selleck can use whatever punitive damages he receives to set up a college fund to support the children of anyone who actually bought tickets to see Christopher Columbus: The Discovery.

If you're thinking about buying a horse -- even if it isn't a $120,00 horse -- don't fall into the same trap Selleck fell into. The hassle and legal fees of the case make it unlikely that this will be a profitable endeavor for him. Look at the horse's medical records, have it looked at by an unbiased veterinarian, and take your time. Also: Check out this piece on the top ten mistakes people make when buying horses.