Save California: Twitter your suggestions to the Governator

Got a good idea for how to pull California back from the brink of financial failure? Twitter it to Arnold.

Last month, Governor Schwarzenegger visited Twitter's HQ for a live chat and announced the launch of, a state Web site that lets Twitter users submit their ideas for improving California.

Ideas can be submitted through a Twitter account with the hashtag #myidea4ca. Check out the Web site, and you'll see the various areas state government oversees that you can suggest improvements for, from Education and Elected Officials to Volunteerism and Water Management. People have been sending in some good ideas (in my politically moderate opinion); here are a few of them:
  • For education: "Steep limits on advertising during children's programming, bring back School House Rock!"
  • For elected officials: "Sarbanes-Oxley Act makes corp. officers sign off on their books. Apply same standard to state officers -- make leadership certify budget" and "Furlough them and make them go COBRA for healthcare."
  • For energy and alternative fuels: "Build state-owned generators on the aqueducts. That water never stops flowing. Use it!"
  • For the environment: "Mandate that developers install solar panels and energy efficient windows on all new sprawl homes."

  • For government waste and fraud: "Create "float" job positions that work 6 months in each dept to clean it up."
  • For health and human services: "Build more parks and sports complexes for outdoor activities and to keep kids off the streets."
  • For healthcare: "Tax food that makes us fat: high-fructose corn syrup, sodas, etc. should cost more."
  • For jobs: "Open up water desalinization plants in CA and sell the water to neighboring states(Nevada and Arizona)."
  • For volunteerism: "Have people who receive state aid do community service, not just get money for nothing."
Don't think your idea won't just sit in the e-mail basket. During his Twitter visit, Arnold said he has used citizens' ideas for helping with the state's budget crisis. like the recent garage sale of state property he did last month.

So Tweet your ideas now. Who knows? Your suggestion could help the sun rise once again on the Golden State.
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