Monopoly City Streets -- Conquer the world, one street at a time


What don't you like about Monopoly? Too limited? Predictable? No one to play with?

Then Google's newest brainstorm, Monopoly City Streets, to be unveiled Wednesday, Sept. 9, might pique your interest. The online game table is the entire world, the players everyone in the world who wants in, and the goal is to become the richest person in the world.

According to the UK Guardian, players will start with $3 million each (in the age of stimulus, I suppose this equals the old $200).

They can then buy any street in the world. Of course, the tonier the street, the higher the price, and as more popular streets are purchased, a vigorous market for them is expected. Broadway in New York should fetch a handsome price, while Fishhead Alley in Backwater, Missouri may come at Baltic Avenue prices.