Million Dollar Listing returning for a third season


The two best real estate shows on television -- Flipping Out and Million Dollar Listing -- are returning to the schedule, and the question is this: Will the high-glamor shows be able to adapt to a less glamorous market?

Flipping Out debuted in August and I was less than impressed -- Now that he's out of the flipping business, Flipping Out has been reduced to nothing but drama, a sort of Gay Housewives of Orange County.

Million Dollar Listing won't be back until Monday, Oct. 12th at 11PM ET, but judging from the teaser (see below), it's going to be fantastic. The new season will follow the same three young agents -- Madison Hildebrand, Josh Flagg, and Chad Rogers -- as they look to adapt to the first real bear market of their careers. They'll deal with sellers who've seen their net worths plummet and can't grasp the reality of the changing market.

And of course Josh and Chad will continue their infantile feud.

Will the three Malibu Realtors succeed in the new real estate market? We'll find out. But it looks like they haven't slowed down much. Madison recently announced on Facebook that he had "just closed the largest deal of my career! Apprx $20,000,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Watch the clip below.