Hell freezes over: McDavid defeats McGoliath in a Malaysian court

McDonald's (MCD) has spent countless hours and millions of dollars protecting its name against the incursions of other companies around the world. Having vanquished San Francisco's McCoffee, Kentucky's Norman McDonald's, England's McMunchies, and the Philippines' MacJoy, the burger behemoth was well-prepared to do battle with McCurry from Malaysia. But after an eight-year legal battle, the unthinkable has happened: mighty McDonald's has struck out.

Some are gleefully gloating. Venues from CNN Asia to The Guardian have crowed about this David and Goliath battle, suggesting that a plucky Malaysian upstart has snatched a righteous victory from its American transgressors. Indeed, poking fun at a global American corporation seems like a victimless crime. McDonald's, the world's largest fast-food chain, is a huge, faceless company, spanning continents, spitting out meals that are deliberately bland and drawing kids in with friendly clowns and Happy Meals. By comparison, McCurry is a tiny Malaysian restaurant that employs 18 people, with a menu unlikely to be mistaken for American-style fast food, offering traditional flavors and authentic cooking methods.