Food gets pricey at 40,000 feet


Consumerist points out US Airways' new coach-class snack menu, which resembles a poorly stocked room-service fridge.

Among the highlights: Planters brand trail mix for $4, Pringles potato chips or Twizzlers for $3 and Maruchan ramen for $3. As any college student can tell you, a package of ramen in any ordinary grocery store goes for less than a dollar.

The other prices -- all for single-serving size portions, by the way -- make it clear that US Airways is making the most of its captive audience.

The new menu also includes a couple of sandwiches, a salad and a fruit, cheese and meat platter for $7 each, plus cocktails. If you're the unlucky flier sitting next to the screaming child or infant with a dirty diaper, an $8 pomegranate martini might look like a bargain.