Party Girl: Fast Food, Fancy Style

Just because you live on a dollar-menu budget doesn't mean that you can't dabble in the good life! The creative minds behind the Fancy Fast Food blog have elevated drive-thru dining to an art form, taking fast-food staples and re-imagining them as haute cuisine.

Their mission is this: working with only menu items from a fast food franchise (no special orders allowed), transform pedestrian items like hot dogs into extravagant fare like foie gras ... only hot doggier.

A recent transformation saw a half-dozen Nathan's hot dogs overhauled into delicate canapés; another turned a box of assorted Dunkin Donuts into crème brulee and an adorable fruit tart.

In addition to their sizzling "McSteak and Potatoes," I'm smellin' a great idea for a low-budget theme party. Get out your fanciest serveware and see if your guests can tell the difference between tortellini and Taco-Bell-ini. Dollar menus to donuts, they'll never even suspect.

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