eBay Bucks program pays you to Buy It Now

EBay has always been a great place to look for deals on new and used items and now, thanks to the eBay Bucks program, you can save even more when you buy on eBay. Eligible purchases paid for with PayPal will earn a 2% cash-back reward.

Earning eBay Bucks on your purchase is pretty simple. Once you register for the rewards program, all you have to do is find the item you want and pay for it with PayPal through an approved eBay checkout system. Basically, that means you can't send money straight through PayPal but instead need to use the checkout links that eBay or an authorized seller sends you in your order confirmation email.To make sure your product is eligible for eBay Bucks rewards, look for an eBay Bucks icon -- which tells you how much you'll earn -- below the "Buy it now" or "Place bid" area, like you see below.

There are a few limitations to the program to keep in mind. You can't earn more than $500 in a given quarter or more than $200 in a single transaction. Given that maxing out your rewards in a particular quarter would require spending over $25,000 on eBay in a 3-month period, most people won't have to worry about maxing out their eBay Bucks account. This is especially true since eBay Bucks rewards cannot be earned on eBay Motors purchases, Classifieds, Real Estate and Business & Industrial Capital Equipment purchases, which are typically high-value transactions

It's free to join the eBay Bucks program and rewards are paid every 3 months in the form of an eBay Bucks certificate that's good for 30 days and can be combined with other eBay promotions and coupons.

The eBay Bucks program is in beta status and is being rolled out to eBay members little by little. Invites will be sent out to your eBay registered email address when you have the opportunity to join the program. If you think you've missed the invitation, like I did, you can click on this link to check for an eBay Bucks invitation.

Still want to know more about the eBay Bucks promotion and how it works? Check out the eBay Bucks Tutorial video for the whole scoop.
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