All Grown Up! Pet Society Pets Now Clean, Groom Themselves


The team has been playing Pet Society for almost a year now (for those who are unfamiliar with this free gem of a Facebook application, it's a cute game where you raise the social status of your pet by playing with it, visiting friends, gardening, fishing and more) and just recently we noticed there have been a few changes to the way our pets 'handle' items.

In the past, your pet would ignore brushes and soap left on the floor of your house -- in order to groom or clean, you'd need to actually pick up the item and scrub him/her. A recent update seems to have taught pets how to take care of themselves -- if a pet's happiness or cleanliness meter is running low, they'll wander over to the tools on their own.

Sure, it's not earth-shattering news, but we're happy developer Playfish is still paying attention to improving the little things in their year-old game (on top of adding activities like fishing and gardening as well as new weekly items).

Have you been playing Pet Society? What do you think of the game?

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