Bargain Huntress: Thomas Paul Decorative Pillows

If you ever want to quickly revive a zestless apartment, try decorative pillows!

An interior designer friend of mine taught me a great trick for quickly changing the mood of any room: buy a variety of throw pillows, pick a color scheme for the week, and disperse the pillows in the chosen colors on your couch or bed. Purchase some fresh flowers for the coffee or dining table in the selected color palette, and voilà! You've added pop to your flat.

I adore the vibrant colors and unique designs of Thomas Paul decorative pillows, but they're often quite pricey. However, Pillows and Throws has a few of the Thomas Paul pillows on sale!

Here are the ones I liked best:

Coral (pictured above): $69.99 (marked down from $100)

: $39.99 (marked down from $70)

Spiro Aqua: $59.99 (marked down from $80)

Seed: $69.99 (marked down from $100)

Bonus: when you spend $100 or more, Pillows and Throws will ship your items for free!

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