AfterShark: Daymond John, fashion mogul, went from Red Lobster to the Shark Tank


For this week's edition of AfterShark, we return to the far side of the table and talk to another one of the Sharks. Following our sit-down with the Canadian tag-team of Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec, we snag a one-on-one with Daymond John, the youngest of the Sharks.

John tells us that he knows exactly how it feels to go begging for money to make a business a reality. Not so long ago, he was a frustrated hat-maker who worked at a Red Lobster. Then, like the entrepreneurs who arrive, hat in hand, every week on ABC's Shark Tank, he began pitching his urban style company, FUBU, to anyone who would listen. Step by step, he became a self-made millionaire whose manufacturing and distribution know-how makes him a frequent target for cash-hungry inventors on the show.

Here's a guy who made his fortune the old-fashioned way: hark work, cunning, and savvy self-promotion. Trace his long road to fabulous wealth (he had to dodge mobster control to get here) and find out the secrets of how Shark Tank is really shot and edited ("We're beating up that guy for ten times longer than you see on the show," he reveals). He may play a bloodthirsty Shark on TV, but Daymond John really wants you to know that he's actually just like everyone else. He just happens to be sitting behind a huge stack of money.

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