Welcome to Daddy's Apartment: How to Make Kids Feel at Home

You're young, newly single and just moved into an apartment. You have a place carved out for the television and game console. But what about your kids?

No matter how frequently your kids visit you, be sure to have a dedicated place for them. Small gestures mean a lot.

Here are some tips for making your kids feel welcome in your new space:

Create a Dedicated Kid Space

Depending on your budget a dedicated kid space could be as large as their own room or as small as a shelf or cabinet dedicated to their toys. Whatever space you can offer make it consistent so that each visit it remains in the same place.

Create Dedicated Kid Storage
You don't want to step over toys while your children are away. So, establish one area of your apartment where all "kids stuff" lives. Ideally it will be something you can easily tuck away between visits such as a toy box. Check out these stackable plastic bins, for example.

Formulate a Safety Plan
Consider the needs of your child. If you are parent to a toddler you'll need to baby-proof your apartment for visits by covering light switches and places chemical cleaners out of reach. Older children should be aware of the exits and your plan in the event of a fire.

Display Photos
Keep some current photos of you and your children where they can be seen. Kids will like knowing that you're thinking of them. And, if the photos are on display it makes it easy for a proud pop to show them off.

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