What Spins Around, Comes Around: Washing Machine Karma

You don't have to believe in zen philosophy to know "what goes around, comes around." Yes, the same holds true for your shared apartment washing machine. Treat your "washing machine karma" poorly and you'll find that the "cold treatment" isn't just a setting on the machine ...

Here's what you should know to keep your washing machine karma in good shape:

Be Prompt on Pickup

No one wants to wait around for you to casually show up and remove your unmentionables from the washer or dryer. Get your soiled-clothes butt in gear and know how long a cycle lasts on both the washers and the dryers. Arrive promptly and lead by example!

Spare a Quarter if You Can
If someone else washing laundry is short just give them the quarter. It's just a nice thing to do.

If You Spill, Don't Just Chill

A laundry area is supposed to be clean. If you knock over your liquid detergent or sticky soda, do us all a favor and wipe it up. Seriously!

Clear the Vent

Take a minute to clean the dryer screen. Not everyone does. This should give you a brief but powerful moment of feeling special, and, more importantly, dry your clothes faster and cheaper.

Warning: "Folders" Are Creepy Payback
You know that one-in-a-million "nice person" who decides to fold your clothes if you're late on dryer pick-up? Hold that crazy person in contempt. Not only is it creepy, but, it's probably some karmic payback for your tardiness. Avoid unwanted hands on your delicates by being prompt.

If you're the building's anonymous "folder" - seek help!

While not organizing her laundry like a military operation, Katie McCaskey can be found doing other, more exciting things.
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