UPDATED 10/29: Pardon our Dust: The New and Improved Games.com


Dear Games.com Community,

We've now had our new chat system for over a month. The launch was bumpy but we have worked feverishly to make the chat better and more stable. Many, many issues have been resolved but we have many more items to go. We'll be sure to update items AS THEY ARE REPAIRED.

We know that this last week has been frustrating for you, we appreciate that your desire for the games to work and work well. We believe in our games and a feel a deep responsibility to provide you the best experience. This week has not been as we would have liked and we're working through all chat system bugs one by one to ensure they are fixed. Please bookmark this page to check back for updates.


  1. Old bookmarked pages now redirect to Games.com alleviating confusion as to where games were.

  2. Rooms are now closing when they are full avoiding being booted to incorrect rooms

  3. All stamps previously earned will appear in player profiles.

  4. Majority of chat loading issues have been fixed.

  5. Important stars and stamps messages have been restored. (Issues persist in Video Poker and Slots due to their in-game connections)

  6. Single player rooms have been re-routed to the table screens. This change allows players the option of playing privately by using the "private" play button. We expect to have the play buttons repaired soon.

  7. We've alleviated some room availability issues by increasing the room player counts. We expect these to be increased later this week so more players can find and play with friends.

  8. Chat issues and players appearing in Video Poker, Slots Lounge and Keno

  9. Chat box either missing or covering a part of the game board

  10. Multiple star events (i.e. winning Gin Rummy by a shutout) will display BOTH events in succession. (Like the old system

  11. Handling of Rooms. Room handling has been repaired and is working properly. X

  12. Broadcasts of Stamp events to the whole room do not appear to be working properly.

  13. UPDATED A small number of players are having an difficult time logging in, and may have to log in each time they play. This is a high priority. We have changed the wording for logging in that may alleviate confusion.

  14. ADDED: Leader-boards - we're begun to roll out leader-board information.


  1. There are a handful of players using our chat system that are still having issues. It seems to affect players using both older versions Internet Explorer AND the AOL client.

  2. There are folks who are having issues with chat. They are able to chat but people in the room are not seeing the chat.

  3. The number of players in rooms will be correctly represented. Right now, the number of players in the room includes guest players who are not counted inside the game, but do appear on the launch pad page. These players will be taken out of the launch pad page count.

Find an issue not on this list? Notify us by by posting below:



  1. Private Chat

  2. Emoticons (smiley faces in chat)

  3. We have to make chat easier to read.

Please understand that we are working hard to bring you the best experience possible. We do not enjoy having released a product that upsets you. We know that you love these games and that the people you are playing with mean the world to you. The Games.com team is fully aware that you have a choice in where to play online games and we appreciate that you have chosen Game.com as your home to play with friends.

We will repair the issues outlined and we will make work hard to make your time the most enjoyable it can be.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and appreciate your patience while we put the finishing touches on what will be faster more reliable game experience for everyone.

On behalf of the Games.com Team,

Larry C.

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