How to save money: You may qualify for food stamps even if you think you're too rich


Not every WalletPop suggestion on how to save money is meant to help you save for a Caribbean cruise; many are lifelines to those of us struggling to even pay the rent and put food on the table. If you're among the more than one in 10 willing workers still looking for a job, or trying to keep your family together on a dramatically reduced income, you might find help you'd never expected from the government. A growing number of Americans are eligible for the most-used safety net in our social service network, food stamps.

You already know people trying to find ways save money by collecting food stamps, although you probably don't know that they do. For the middle class, the program still carries an unfair stigma suggesting failure of effort or will. Get over it. The program, now called the Supplements Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), was used by almost 35 million people in May, saving many children, elderly and disabled from malnourishment.

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