Help me WalletPop: Did the hair dryer I got on Amazon really come off the back off a truck?

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A reader wrote in about an odd problem with a blow dryer purchased on In her quest to find the serial number to register the warranty she realized there wasn't one to be found -- hence no way to register the product.

And upon further review, she wasn't the only one with this problem. Other purchasers raised the same issue right on Amazon.

So, what's the deal with the T3 Bespoke Labs 83808-SE Featherweight Professional Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer being sold by directly by Amazon?First, the product lists for $200 and is selling for $72.75 with free shipping. Good deal? Too good, perhaps. With refurbished models selling for far more on Amazon through other vendors, you can"t help but wonder what is wrong with these and why are they missing the serial numbers, which are supposed to be on a tag on the power cord. Consumers with problems with these machines also complained they were being turned away by the manufacturer because they were purchased from Amazon.

"I feel duped to learn that I may not be entitled to the warranty because I bought the product at a discount," Liz Modena, a 30-year-old film production accountant from New York told WalletPop. "I've always trusted Amazon and have been pleased with their products and pricing, but this time around I feel like I bought something off of the back of a truck instead of from a trusted retailer."

It does leave that feeling.

So I turned to Amazon and T3 to get an explanation. A spokeswoman from T3 offered a reply that only raised more questions.

"I'll need to direct you to Amazon with your inquiry as T3 does not sell any products at all to Amazon," Jennifer Gear said. "I'm sorry I can't be of more assistance, but hopefully, Amazon can answer your question."

How is it then, I asked her, is Amazon selling these? "Ask Amazon," was again the reply.

For some reason, Amazon has no answers. Two emails and a phone call asking the retailing giant to explain what's up with this sketchy hair dryer situation were ignored. Absent a response, I referred the consumer complaints to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in case the cords were altered or there is some other problem with these products.

I would also recommend that anyone who has purchased one of these dryers that have had the serial number removed or were sold with an obviously altered cord to file complaints with their state attorney general's office and the Federal Trade Commission.

Hey, Amazon, what are you hiding?
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