Boston University's luxury dorm room runs $13k a year


Boston University is excited to finally be able to house all of its undergraduate students on campus, thanks to the completion of Student Village II, a spanking new dormitory building. The new dorm doesn't just meet the needs of students: For a select few, the top floor adds amenities that make a stay at the Hilton seem lacking. All for only $13,000 a year.

The luxury suites, situated on the 25th floor, include stunning views of Boston, furnished common areas, private baths, soundproof piano rooms, a 24-hour reading room with "plush adjustable furniture befitting a first-class airport lounge" and a plasma TV-equipped media lounge. These extras are only available to 14 students and cost close $13,000 a year, $5,000 more than a standard dorm!

According to Boston University president Robert Brown, the school is just giving students what they want in an attempt to keep upperclassmen from living off campus. It's assumed that by housing more students on campus the University will relieve some tension between students and city residents.