How to make money in a flash? Sell Your body!

how to make moneyWith unemployment on the rise, there's a growing interest in ways to make money -- preferably how to make money fast.

When you don't have time to go around filling out job applications and taking night classes, your best bet for how to make quick cash might be to pay tribute to the King of Pop and start with the man in the mirror -- and ask him if he has any body parts you can sell off piecemeal for bread money. Here are a few places to get started on how to make money:
  • If you have long, flowing, beautiful hair, is the site for you to make money. It's like a CraigsList for hair, bringing together buyers and sellers who can meet each other's desire for cash and a rare color of reddish blonde ponytail. How much money can you make? Hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but only if you have attractive hair and take very good care of it.
  • The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association has a database of plasma donation centers where you can get paid to sell your plasma. This one isn't for the faint of heart and can be quite painful -- but you're helping people in need and you can make more than $25 per visit, going twice per week. The downside? You have to lie with a fat needle in your arm for 45 minutes, but then again, that's free time for you to watch TV or surf the internet for job openings! Now that could motivate you to fill out job applications.
  • If you're an exceptionally attractive, well-educated woman who doesn't mind severe pain and what some people would consider to be a degrading situation, you can make a ton of money selling your eggs -- like $10,000-$30,000 according to The Huffington Post. The price? You'll have kids you don't know about, as well as who knows what kind of future ramifications from all the hormones they pump into you for this procedure.
  • For men, selling sperm can be a way to make money -- albeit far less than women could make selling eggs. The upside? It's completely non-invasive, and all you have to do is ejaculate into a jar. Interested? Check out this interview I recently did with the director of a New York City sperm bank.

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None of these opportunities will make you rich, but they also don't require full-time work either. If your hair grows fast and you can sell it a few times per year in between stops at plasma donation centers and sperm banks, you could potentially put together a pretty solid income stream.
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