Cash4Gold sues Consumerist and former employees

What do you do if you're the most recognizable name in the gold buying business and you find out that the Consumerist has reported on a former employee's allegations of shady dealings?

If you happen to be Cash4Gold you sue the former employee for defamation and name Consumerist as a co-defendant in the lawsuit, which seeks to remove the original complaint and the Consumerist article, "10 Confessions of a Cash4Gold Employee."

The Consumerist, having no qualms about standing behind a story it deems newsworthy, has responded with an incredibly detailed rebuttal called "The Article Cash4Gold Doesn't Want You To Read," which includes mystery shoppers, Better Business Bureau complaints and countless legal documents to back up its position.
After plenty of research, which included several attempts to speak with the CEO of Cash4Gold, Consumerist found that, "the available evidence from the time (Michele) Liberis was working at Cash4Gold provides ample and compelling support for her 10 points."

The biggest question left on the table even with the lawsuits and rebuttal is which of the claims made were or are true and which are false. The legal maneuverings of Cash4Gold make it even harder to separate fact from fiction as the Consumerist explains,
Meanwhile, the legal documents filed by the company present several puzzles. In its original lawsuit against Liberis (PDF), the company asserted that her statements were "false and defamatory." Yet a later order against her (PDF) prohibited her from publishing "confidential and proprietary information" as well. Obviously a statement can't be both proprietary (hence true) and false at the same time. We've asked Cash4Gold to clarify which part of Liberis' statements were which, but it has refused.
While Cash4Gold's reluctance to discuss the allegations based on pending legislation is plausible; its decision to rescind an interview with the CEO and then to sue the Consumerist for reporting on a story it deemed newsworthy is disturbing.

Unfortunately the decision to sue bloggers for criticizing a company based on claims of proprietary information or trademark disputes are all too common these days and despite their purpose being to remove critical information from the Internet they usually end up bringing more attention to an issue. In this case the attention, that won't go away, is in the form of additional top search results critical of Cash4Gold.

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