Bargain Huntress: Blu Dot "Real Good Chair"

Happy Birthday to me! Well, a few months overdue, but I say it's never too late to buy yourself a birthday present!

The annual Blu Dot sale is on until Sep. 8, and that means you can now purchase all your Blu Dot favorites such as The One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa, Chicago 8 Box Storage Unit, and my personal favorite: The Real Good Chair (pictured), at 20 percent off from Seattle-based design emporium, Velocity Art & Design!

I fell madly in love with The Real Good Chair after spotting it in one of the many antique shops in Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg neighborhood. What it was doing in an antique shop, I have not a clue, but when my eyes met the slender legs and the perfectly perforated lines of the ripe red chair, it was love at first sight. And if it weren't for my empty wallet, I would have been taking that sexy chair back to my place.

Ah, my mind wanders...

But seriously, this is one awesome piece of modern furniture to own. Not only are you getting an über-cool design for $103.20 (marked down from $129), but the chair is actually quite comfortable! If you want it in baby blue, Target's online store is selling it for even less: $90.30. Plus, after assembling this work of art, you'll feel like you've mastered an origami class, and you know you've wanted to do that since elementary school show-and-tell.

Instructions on how to assemble the chair are included in the package. If you're interested in a visual play-by-play, read this post on Apartment Therapy.

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