Banks are borrowing pages from the payday lending playbook


The changes are subtle, but has anyone noticed? It's getting a little harder to distinguish banks from payday lending establishments.

There are at least three major banks that offer cash advances to their customers, in the way that the often-criticized payday lending stores do. I just find it interesting because while the payday lending industry is often understandably blasted for its predatory lending, there isn't a lot of criticism aimed at banks in this area. Not that banks aren't being criticized these days because, of course, they get their share of scorn from the bailouts to the increasing overdraft charges.

But in case anyone is keeping score, these are the banks that I know of that offer cash advances, with links to each financial institutions page, which explains everything in detail.

Each bank has similar terms. You can borrow up to $500, and for each $20 you borrow, you pay $2, and you pay it back on your next direct deposit.