Ben & Jerry's Hubby Hubby ice cream celebrates same-sex marriage


For same-sex couples fussing over what to serve at their wedding reception, Ben & Jerry's has a new dessert course suggestion: How about Hubby Hubby ice cream? That's right, the premium ice cream maker, renowned for its publicity stunts, has renamed its popular Chubby Hubby flavor to recognize the fact that Vermont's decision to grant gays and lesbians the right to marry took effect on Tuesday. Ben & Jerry's home state in April became the fourth state to recognize gay marriage.

While the company's decision to scoop up Hubby Hubby will certainly cheer proponents of same-sex nuptials, it is likely to leave critics of gay marriage cold. The issue continues to divide the nation, with 44 percent of Americans saying same-sex couples should be able to get hitched, according to an April CBS News/New York Times poll. But does that mean it's a bad move from a branding perspective? One expert thinks not.

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