Stealing more than bases? Lawsuit filed over Yankees' TV network


We know what you've been thinking: When can we have a major-league baseball scandal that doesn't revolve around performance-enhancing drugs? Well, you're in luck; here's a story that's about major-league amounts of dough instead of doping.

Currently -- provided their cable or satellite provider offers it -- New York Yankees fans can watch live games as well as re-live past highlights and see baseball-themed interview and reality shows on the YES Network, a 2002 brainchild developed after years of tussling over broadcast coverage and prices with a big New York-area cable provider. Giving the Bronx Bombers their own network was an out-of-the-park idea that pulled in $360 million in 2007, according to AdAge magazine. By some estimates, the network is worth as much as $3 billion. That's a lot of starlet-dating shortstop salaries.

Except now, a former president of the MSG Network, the company that paid the Yankees $493.5 million to broadcast their games for 12 years ending in the mid-90s, says the YES Network was his idea -- and he deserves $23 million in compensation.