Men's underwear sagging — and sales drop


Men's underwear is a typically steady seller regardless of the economy. Women indulge in silky, lacy or racy undergarments when they're feeling flush, not so much when they're mining last winter's coat pockets looking for spare change.

As we told you recently, this is why both Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood are rolling out lines of lower-priced skivvies.

Men's underwear is another story, since a guy isn't likely to buy an extra three-pack of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom when he's feeling good about his abs. Without much choice beyond boxers or briefs (or boxer-briefs for you indecisive types) and a handful of neutral colors, it's a much more utilitarian purchase. Economists who study retail view them as a necessity, and necessities are generally recession-proof.

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