How to Organize a Small Closet

Stuck with a teeny-tiny closet in your apartment? Stick with these six steps and your small closet will feel like a walk-in.

First, De-Clutter
with Love/Keep/Give Away
Now is a good time to reduce the volume of clothing, shoes, and other items in your closet. Make three piles: "Love," "Keep" and "Give Away." Items in the "Love" pile are pieces of clothing you adore and fit you well. The "Keep" pile should be filled with items you like or need but don't wear as frequently. Divide the items in your "Keep" pile into seasonal piles. You can box and store off-season clothing under your bed or in another location. At the end of the ,you'll donate items in your "Give Away" pile to your favorite charity.

Choose Hangers Wisely

You can hang more using specific kinds of clothes hangers. Be sure to include clothes hangers for pants, ties, belts or other accessories. Avoid puffy, padded hangers unless you wear a lot of delicate clothing.

Stack Clear-Plastic Boxes

Some older buildings have shallow closets too narrow for a regular-size coat hanger. Revitalize an antique closet by purchasing shoebox-sized clear plastic boxes and stacking floor to ceiling in your skinny closet. These closets can still hold a great deal of accessories, shoes and other wardrobe items without hangers. Move hanger items to your dresser instead.

Organize Floor Space
It's easy to succumb to tossing things into the floor of the closet. Resist! Instead, opt for shelving, shoe racks, or easy-stack boxes.

Maximize the Door
Hooks on the exterior or interior of your door are very helpful. Select ones that fit over the top of the door. Allow for enough clearance so you can easily open or shut the closet door.

Keep it Simple

After the hard work of organizing a closet comes the added work of keeping it organized. Follow a "one-in, one-out" rule and give away one item for every new item. Give away anything you haven't worn in three years. Learn to live with less and suddenly, your closet will feel a lot bigger!
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