AfterShark: Paul Watts riles up the sharks


It was one of the most electrifying confrontations of the Shark Tank season. Paul Watts of Sacramento brought his Graffiti Removal Services, a franchised fleet of mobile removal units, in front of the Sharks to see who would bite. Two Sharks backed out, claiming the idea could be too easily copied. Then billionaire Kevin O'Leary tried to buy in -- but he wanted the whole company.

Unimpressed by his offer, Watts dared to give O'Leary a flat-out "No."

That brought out O'Leary's nasty side: "Whaddaymean 'no'? There is no 'no'!" he barked. "When you walk out of here, I won't even think of you again." Watts, unperturbed, fired back, "Oh, yes, you will."

Watts may only have a high school diploma, he says, but he's got sense, and he wasn't about to become an employee of his own company. "This deal that you're offering me is a Shark deal," he said, before turning on his heel and making his own way instead.

Does he regret turning down the cash? And did he just give away the secret to his company's success by appearing on national television to fish for a failed deal? Jason Cochran finds out in our exclusive AfterShark interview by Skype.