AfterShark: Kwame Kuadey, the Ghanaian immigrant who beat the Sharks at their own game


Kuame Kuadey moved to the United States from Ghana 12 years ago, and not long ago, he found himself laid off and low on options. This week, the hard-working immigrant strolled onto Shark Tank and asked for $150,000 for his growing business.

He walked out with far more than that: $200,000 for his idea. Even the Sharks were surprised at how skillfully he had coaxed the cash out of them. "We could have gotten more from him," lamented investor Robert Herjavec, once Kuadey had gone.

Unlikely. As Kuadey reveals to WalletPop's Jason Cochran, he had a strategy to keep the Sharks eating out of the palm of his hand from the very start. His company,, works on a simple premise: Buy unused gift cards at a markdown and resell them for less than their face value. But Kuadey's preparation was anything but simple. It took months of advance research, hours of number-crunching, and a clever bit of gamesmanship that the millionaires walked right into.

Find out how he aced his investment test in the latest edition of our exclusive AfterShark Skype interview series.