Restroom Etiquette for the Office

Both genders give their take on the matter

By Rachel Zupek and Anthony Balderrama, CareerBuilder writers

We're no prudes, but as a rule we avoid discussing restroom habits in public. It's just not an appropriate topic for most conversations. Yet, as the years go by and we spend more time in a professional setting, restroom behavior has become the inconsiderate, unsanitary elephant in the room.

We're overcoming our apprehension and kicking down the stall doors to expose the bad restroom practices that are driving us (and your co-workers) crazy. Considering that men and women often have different experiences in these situations, we're giving you both perspectives.<

Here is some restroom etiquette for you to keep in mind at work. (Feel free to print this out and tape it up in your workplace washrooms.) Warning: Given the content of this article -- bathroom behaviors -- please be aware that it's a little bit more crass than usual.

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